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Are you a writer, author, blogger or produce a magazine? Need help with a design, some editing or freelance editorial work but don't want to go to several different people? Well, you are in luck. Here at Script Bee, I provide all of these services and more, and at reasonable prices.

I bet you're asking yourself, 'can I trust this person?' or 'how do I know she isn't just going to take my money and run?' I know, I've thought these myself about others. Truth is, I have worked with several people and received amazing testimonials, which you are welcome to check out and even look up the person for yourself. I never take on a job I can't finish to high standard.

If you want to know about all the services I offer, then please go to my services page - you can also look at my portfolio, which show cases all the design work I have completed over the years, as well as links to books I have edited/proofread, and screen shots of said works. I also provide pre-made cover designs, at reduced prices, however, I do take requests for one-off, bespoke designs.

I bet you are wondering how you can get in touch, well, you can fill in the form on my contact page or you can email me directly at I will provide all details on deposits, completion dates, and anything else that you will need to know, should you wish to take on my services.

She provided thought-provoking feedback that helped my work shine. Being on two different continents had no bearing on us working successfully together. I feel like I’ve not only found an amazing editor, but also have made a lasting friend.

CL Riley  - Published Author


Try Before You Buy

I know what you’re thinking. Is this a scam? Is she going to take my money and run? No! If you want to see proof of my editing/proofreading work, you can check out my review page of completed novel projects - here.

Still have concerns? That’s fine. To make you feel safe and secure in the fact that your work is being dealt with professionally, you can request a sample or, try before you buy. Click on the link below to go to the sample request page and follow the instructions. It’s completely FREE!




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